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Turning Totems slot review – free spins

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You’ll be doing a rain dance on each spin as this revamped Turning Totems mobile slot brings some thunderous gameplay.

Before we begin, we should point out that there use to be a Turning Totems slot which came out at the dawn of Thunderkick Gaming and, to be honest, it wasn’t very good.

Then in 2016 they did something unusual. They decommissioned the old game, kept the beautiful graphics and sounds, and changed everything else.

This new Turning Totems slot game suddenly had 11 paylines that paid both ways, it had free spins, it had sleeping wilds and lightning snakes…

Confused? Don’t worry. Just open up the Turning Totems video slot, and we promise you, you’ll have a good time – the old version be damned.

Still very simple, but brings the thunder

The wild symbol has two states – sleepy falcon (just a normal paying symbol) and awake falcon (acts like a wild).

If you find a thunder snake on the reels, they give you a free re-spin and awaken the wilds on said reel. Get 3 snakes in a row, and you trigger 5 free spins. The more snakes you find, the more wild reels you’re likely to get.

And whilst you might think that having to work so hard for a wild, a symbol you naturally get in virtually every other video slots online, would be a downside, it really isn’t.

Pays both way reels

Pay both ways reels simply means that symbols pay from left to right and right to left.

What this means is that you constantly get bursts of action on screen as it’s slightly easier to get wins. More importantly you don’t miss the wilds, till they suddenly appear and you remember how effective they are.

And then suddenly another reel adds wilds, and the rain starts coming down from the sky till finally… the bonus games start, the thunder and lightning strikes and you’re doing a little dance, hoping for 5 reels full of wilds!

Sometimes it feel like this bonus feature shows up every 10 spins, other time you go 100 spins with nothing much. But when they do show up, we’ve often walked away with over 50 times our bet.

Not as much as with The Legend of the White Snake Lady slot, but this Turning Totems game has a faster pace which is nicer in some ways.

Turning Totems slot has surprising big wins

What really surprised us is that you can win as much as 996 times your spin bet, making this Turning Totems slot machine far more interesting a prospect than the pretty light graphics would have you believe.

Granted, mostly you’ll be overjoyed by those wins over 50 times your bet, and rarely much more, but it’s nice to know that it’s within the scope of possibilities.

All in all, a very satisfying Thunderkick slot game and a great example of how to improve and old, tired game.

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