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Seasons slot review – free spins

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There’s 4 different games in this Seasons mobile slot, and you’ll be glad to play it all year round.

We really like Yggdrasil slot machines, even the ones that aren’t that clever tend to be beautiful enough to make you want to play, like in the Chibeasties game for example.

This Seasons slot game on the other hand, is both beautiful and clever it changes with the spins, providing you different experiences and 4 types of wilds.

Each season brings it’s own wilds

If you like your iOS and Android slots to stay much the same throughout your game play, this is not it; we’d recommend you try the far more classical beauty that is The Legend of the White Snake Lady.

But what you might dislike is exactly the reason we loved this Seasons slot game, which is basically that you travel through the seasons, and each season brings with it different wilds and features.

We’ve written about it all more in the sections below.

How long do each season last? It all depends, always more than 10, sometimes what feels like 50 odd spins. It depends. Nature is unpredictable that way.

What is you get stuck in the wrong seasons?

There is really no wrong season to get stuck at, each have their own ups and down.

Personally, we’ve found that the biggest wins of this Seasons video slot is in Winter, with those hopping bunnies that give you double the wilds on screen.

That said, we suspect that Autumn is secretly the most profitable as you can get up to 10x multipliers on a win, but getting that many wilds on screen is hard to catch. It’s also the most frustrating to get stuck at.

Spring and Summer are no doubt the most joyful experience as the wins come more frequently thanks to re-spins and big wild patterns.

The free spins in this Seasons slot

Hard to catch, but not impossible, as the free spins bonus games are played in the season you trigger.

What makes this interesting is that instead of complicating the game, in the Seasons slot free spins you simply get more wilds on screen – meaning catching that 10x multiplier is suddenly on the cards.

That said, namely you’ll be happy to cruise along as the change in weather and features bring you a chance of luck, keeping you hooked till you get to your favourite time of year.

This is probably one of Yggdrasil’s more ‘complicated’ games, other than the Nirvana slot perhaps, and yet it still has a simple elegance that makes it hard to resist.

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