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Ragnarok slot review – free spins

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The end of days is upon us! Join forces with Odin, Thor and Freyr to defeat this Ragnarök mobile slot. Though we suspect you’ll only survive, at best.

Genisis Gaming have gone all out with the graphics on the Ragnarok slot machine. The sounds are dramatic, and the celtic theme serious, but what would you expect from a game based on the norse version of armageddon?

Which actually makes it a little gloomy, especially once you find out, as we did, that the three bonus features describe the battle of three gods who, ultimately, lose rather than win their battles.

That will teach us to read the Ragnarök wiki page.

So is this all doom and gloom?

Look, we really wanted to love the Ragnarök video slot. It’s a great theme, with lots of bonus features, and cool graphics and sounds.

But ultimately, much like the doomed gods, you’ll find yourself not winning much, or losing much. The point here, is survival.

Survival till you collect enough runes to unlock all three of the big bonus features. There are three levels in total, and yes it took us close to 2 hours of playtime to unlock all.

During that time our biggest win of the game was about 80 times our bet. And to be honest, that was most certainly the rarity.

It should be noted that the more levels you unlock, the better the return to player rate of this machine:

  • Level One – 94.50%
  • Level Two – 95.28%
  • Level Three – 96.52%

So you basically need good patience (and a healthy budget) to get to level 3, all for the same RTP you can find in their better Gods of Giza slot, straight away.

Too much commitment needed to play the Ragnarök mobile slot

If Genesis Gaming would have removed the rune feature completely, and just allowed you to pick from 3 bonus games, the Ragnarök slot game would have been fun.

Perhaps not 4 or 5 stars fun, but certainly an acceptable beautiful game with enough action to keep you entertained for a while.

But it’s such hard work getting there, and the rewards for your commitment aren’t decent enough to warrant the time spent.

Thats said, it does keep your wallet fairly steady and once you move up to the third level, there’s some really lively action and wins to be had. Still, we’d say that only hardcore fans of Norse Mythology will make it through this battle alive.

For the rest of us with less patience, there’s always the superior Thunderstruck 2 mobile slot.

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