jack and the beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk slot review – free spins

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Climb the beanstalk and steal the gold, the goose and the golden harp in this classic fairytale story turn slot game.

We don’t think that Jack and the Beanstalk mobile slot by NetEnt needs any introduction. First released online in late 2011, it’s been a firm favourite with many, continuing to enchant players hearts years after it’s release.

And you know what? We forgot about it. We’ve been playing on our mobile phone for so long, we hadn’t visited this game in years until it came out as the Jack & the Beanstalk Touch slot version.

And shame on us. It took little to no time for the glee in our face to rediscover one of the true classic gems in the NetEnt slots portoflio.

For the love of the walking wilds

You know how in the Starburst slot you get a free re-spin after every expanded wild? In the Jack & the Beanstalk slot machine you get a free re-spin after any wild on screen, as it moves to the left by one symbol, until no more wilds show up.

This means one of two things.

First you’ll be hard pressed to find a mobile casino game that keeps your budget as steady as this one, giving casual gamblers a better chance of surviving to the free spin rounds. Though you won’t win big during the base game other than through the wilds who come with 3x multiplier.

But getting 5x to 10x your bet wins with the wilds is exactly what you’ll need before you start climbing the free spin beanstalk.

Second, big gamblers will love when those elusive free spins show up. Then, all those walking wilds you were sneering at for giving you next to nothing, will suddenly grab you and never let you go.

Jack and the Beanstalk slot free spins feature

There’s no way to hide it, Jack and the Beanstalk casino slot is all about the free spins. And when you get them, mostly you’ll walk away with an average of 30x your bet, with big wins going around the 50x mark.

Which is pretty decent as it stands, but not exactly incredible.

But then you realise that the 10 free spins you start with, is only the start. You can get extra wilds on these reels, all with free re-spins, so you end up actually getting more like 20 free spins in total, if no more.

Plus as you progress you can get better wilds, from stacked to expanded, giving you the potential for mega super wins.

We are talking 300x your bet (which we experienced) all the way to 1,000x + your bet (which we’ve witnessed from other player’s screenshots).

It’s incredibly exciting and thrilling as you watch those wilds move across your screen, multiply, and create those golden egg butt clenching wins.

If we were forced to say one bad thing about it, it’s that the 9 to Ace symbols are fairly difficult to tell apart, as they are all squiggly lines, merging one to the other.

But it’s such a small detail when you consider that Jack and the Beanstalk game is the perfect blend of adequate risk, huge fun and great wins.

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