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The Invisible Man slot review – free spins

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Continuing on their classic Universal movies stories, The Invisible Man mobile slot is based around the less well known film from 1933.

If you know nothing more about the movie (we had to IMDB it too) think a 1920’s Jekyll & Hyde type drama, all set in the vaguely dark english country village where a scientist, by discovering the power of invisibility, becomes dangerously and murderously insane.

Thank-fully, for your playing pleasure, that just means you get a cross between the Frankenstein slot and The Creature from the Black Lagoon in terms of looks, but with an original yet familiar game-play.

The many roaming wilds in The Invisible Man slot

When we first started playing this game, we first figured it was a Jack & The Beanstalk slot copy.

But we were wonderfully and happily surprised to see that where Jack starts, The Invisible Man slot enhances and makes it own.

Here you get two roaming wilds, one moving left to right and the other right to left. If they meet you trigger the free spins. We’ll get to those in a minute.

Just ticking along in the base game

The beauty of the roaming wild is that whilst it’s moving from reel to reel, you get a free re-spin. This helps your budget, especially as the wins without the wild are minimal.

However, get two or three wilds all roaming across the reels and you’ll start seeing 10x to 20x your bet wins, which can be pretty exciting. Not huge, we grant you, but thats what the free spins in The Invisible Man Touch slot are for.

And then free spins you’ll love to hate

How much you’ll love this NetEntertainment game will mostly depend on your experience with the first free spin round. We explain exactly how they work in the bonus features section below, but we can basically describe them in one of two ways:

Freaking save the day awesome or downright invisible winning god awful.

We managed to go up from our starting budget by 200% because we kept hitting the free spins, and the extra bonus features that gave us 130x our bet wins, repeatedly.

And then we got absolutely nothing. Zilch. For ages.

And then we won it all back!

It’s like the horror movies of old. All tense drama with one big climax. If you don’t learn to cash out at the climax you might as well not start at all.

The Invisible man slot machine is best played when you have some time. It requires commitment and a good 200 to 500 spins to really open up and give you a chance at hitting some of the bigger bonus features in the game.

If you don’t have that kind of time then we recommend playing something like the Game of Thrones slot which gives more guarantees on the free spins.

But it won’t allow you to play for half as long as the Invisible man slot game on mobile, which keeps your heart racing at the thrill of the chase, as all the little wins mount up to a big heart wrenching finale.

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