amazon queen slot

Amazon Queen slot review – free spins

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This Amazon Queen mobile slot shows you just enough to seem interesting… but hides her big wins in her tough gorilla army.

Set in a mythical amazon where beautiful warrior women run in the jungle with gorillas and tigers (which by our account, is the wrong continent), this is very much an old fashioned WMS slot.

Not because it doesn’t look good. In fact, if you love that ‘real action’ look from your slot machines, which you can find in other WMS slots like the fantastic Raging Rhino.

Except this beautiful queen is a little simpler in her taste. She only has 20 paylines and free spins. Oh and those great big, awesome gorillas.

Which are her secret weapons in a mobile video slot that’s as hard hitting as those rhinoceros.

Ok, we are losing track of all these animals. Let’s get to the point.

You might hate the Amazon Queen slot

Here’s the thing. This machine is pretty unforgiven. You could end up spinning 200 or 300 spins without getting much of anything.

In fact, you might actually get the 10 free spins in that time, if you are lucky, and win 10 times or 20 times your bet.

And then, without realising, you’ve played on the Amazon Queen mobile slot game and have little to show for it.

So the best piece of advice we can give you is to either:

  1. Budget carefully. Play the long and steady game, till you win big and can increase your bet.
  2. Bet big, hope you hit it big early, then go home, the Queen/King of the jungle.

But keep at it, because she could warm up at any time

In many ways, the reason we like the Amazon Queen video slot is because on absolutely any spin you could win HUGE. A little like her more complicated sister, the Fire Queen slot.

The obvious way of doing this is by getting 5 scatters and hitting the amazing 100 free spins. As with no multiplier, 10 free spins is basically just a little break on your quickly disappearing balance.

But, let’s be honest, you might as well go into an arm wrestling match with those gorillas and win.

Talking of gorillas, we are getting to the end of our tale.

Which is the bit we tell you that the gorilla symbol comes stacked, and pays left to right and right to left. They are the ones that provide you the biggest wins of the game as, out of nowhere they show up and give huge wins over these 5 reels.

We’ve experienced 150 times, mostly you’ll get 40 to 50 times your bet. But we know of plenty of folks who have hit more.

Forget the girl. It’s the King Ape who rules this Amazon Queen slot machine.

Visit bgo & claim up to 50 FAIR spins on this game now!