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Alchymedes slot review – free spins

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Alchymedes Slot Machine

Ever wondered what it might be like if you wandered into a Hogwarts style lab made by someone who enjoyed playing high quality slot games? Wonder no more as Alchymedes by Yggdrasil takes you into a magical room filled with chemical delights with gameplay as innovative as the design. There’s no Free Spins or Scatters in sight, but instead a very clever double payline, the coolest wildcard you’ll see, random bonuses and the opportunity to play each level in one of 5 ways. Wasn’t science supposed to be dull?

The Colourful Study of Science

In the short intro you see a hidden cabin by a stream far out into the woods. It’s clear even without the green smoke coming out of the building that this is no ordinary place. Which sets the scene nicely, as this game is different. Rather than head straight to the main page, you get 3 pages highlighting the bonuses and gameplay.

The room itself is wonderfully designed, a combination of library, study and laboratory. There are books in the background and shadows on the wall, but what you’ll notice most outside of the reels is the really cool chemical apparatus. On the left it’s filled with green liquid while on the right it’s filled with red. As well as being different colours, they’re also different funky shapes.

The 5 reels made up of 30 symbols are just as stylish as the background, while adding a bit of brightness. The name of the game at the top is almost easy to miss as the images within the reels are so striking. The detail, colour and texture of each image is a delight, with the dark red background a nice contrast.

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